Erin E. Brown 

Registered dietitian. Food enthusiast. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


My name is Erin Brown and I am the creator and owner of The Food Life RD. I am a registered dietitian, University of Alberta alumnus, science geek, red lipstick lover, and food enthusiast. 

I work as an acute care dietitian with Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health, which keeps me on top of the nutrition science game. Although I love the science and medicine of practicing nutrition in a hospital, I decided to open my own nutrition practice because I love food even more! I am a firm believer that pleasure is a big piece of the nutrition puzzle. Believe it or not, I only eat foods that taste good.

But Erin, what if the only foods that taste good to me are bad for me?

I say - There are no bad foods!  I follow the practice of intuitive and mindful eating, and have developed a way of eating that allows me to eat what I want to give my body the nutrition it needs, and satisfy my desire for delicious food. 

A few things that I am:

  • Laugher at silly jokes

  • Expert lipstick applier

  • Introvert

  • Morning person

  • Avid reader

  • Creative

A few things that I am not:

  • Perfectionist (although I used to be!)

  • Judgemental

  • Loud

  • Messy

  • Capable of rushing in the morning

I incorporate motivational interviewing techniques, affirmations, teaching, and problem solving to help you live your best life. Whether it be nutrition counselling for weight loss or disease prevention, overcoming hurdles, improving your career and relationships, learning to meal plan, or applying that perfect red lip, I would love to help you along your path to your best self.